How much population does your empire have in 2019?

And not just population, how many kilometers of roads are there? And books published? It is probable that there are no numbers of what I speak and what I thought. I’m not surprised … But today we will be able to try all the thanks to the portal neal.fun.

We only have to access the following link (https://neal.fun/conquer-the-world/) and check it in the function of the countries that you have to visit as clicking on the map of the world that appears. In the same way, we not only find this type of information perhaps playful. There is also much more important at an informative level that even allows us to analyze the demographic magnitude of the countries.


Likewise, in another of the interactive world maps that the aforementioned portal presents, it is possible to observe the real time births that occur in the world. From here we generate interesting data such as knowing that for every child born in the United Kingdom, more than 60 children in India do so.

Therefore, and just as we know and use near.fun from time to time, today we have presented it to all of you so that you can also play with it and tell me what you think about the information it provides.

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