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“Maps are the eyes of history” or so said the Flemish cartographer Gerardus Mercator in the s. XVI. From the first that is considered, recorded on a clay tablet in the Babylon of the s. VI a. C., even the most current and sophisticated, no other objective has been pursued than the knowledge of the territory, either with one or the other purpose.

Being geographers by profession, maps represent a fundamental part of us. Hence, after many years of professional relationship with them, one day we wonder why, in addition to these utilities, could not have a function also decorative; a design map with a unique and special meaning for each one of us. From Mapper we are aware that each person has their own history; your own map.

We also have ours. Therefore, today we start the journey in this blog where you can know the most important cartographic curiosities, the most current information of this world of maps and advice or opinion about them. In addition, you will have to allow us to discover our products and, above all, the many important projects we have in mind.

WELCOME to Mapper!

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