5 cities of love but not Paris and Venice

We have all heard of calling Venice and, above all, Paris, as the “cities of love”. There is no doubt that the majesty, the countless films shot along the river Seine or the wall of the “I love you” are just some of the examples that demand the consideration of the French capital. Likewise, the charm that Venice has, reflected in its mysterious alleys, the legend of Casanova or the Bridge of Sighs, among others, is difficult to match.

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However, today we bring you other destinations that also struggle to be recognized cities of love.

Rome: It is only necessary to read the word backwards to know that “the eternal city” has something special. And if this is not enough, maybe walk by the Gianicolo or boulevard of lovers and go to the Fontana de Trevi, which says the legend that, if we throw two coins, we will find love, you will end up being your destiny on this day of lovers.

Agra: This Indian city may be more recognized thanks to the temple that identifies it: The Taj Mahal. Built in the middle of the s. XVII by Emperor Shah Jahan in honor of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, it is the greatest monument of love ever built. Perfect city to spend the 14th of February.

Buenos Aires: In the cradle of tango, Latin American and European culture and history are combined, making the Argentine capital an incomparable enclave for love. Not only is it the destination of many couples for their honeymoon, it was also called “The Paris of South America”. Do you encourage yourself to prove it?

Bruges: Known as the Venice of the North, this Belgian city retains its medieval architecture, cobblestone street and above all, a structure of canals and bridges that invite you to spend a romantic weekend with your partner. Especially the one that crosses Lake Minnewater, also called “lake of love” and of which legend has it that, when crossing it, eternal love is attracted.

Galešnjak: It may not be a destination as well known or accessible as the previous ones, but this island of the Dalmatian archipelago in Croatia, also called “island of love”, is the perfect place to be visited by those lovers who want to enjoy its beaches and nature for a day.

Island of Love. Source:

We see, therefore, that in addition to the already known Paris and Venice, there are many other destinations that can make us live a very special weekend. I have my favourite. And you, with which one you stay?


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